Tom Owen was born in Swansea in 1867 and became one of the most prolific of Welsh stage performers

In the early 1900s Tom worked on Oswald Stoll’s theatre circuit before forming his own Concert Parties and companies. He toured Wales for a while with his “Royal Welsh Pierrots” including a popular musical comedy skit called “Checkers”. In 1913 he produced a sketch called “The Welsh Wizard” with himself as Merlin with Gareth Hughes in the cast.

Tom joined The Welsh Players in the production of The Joneses at The Strand Theatre in November 1913 and then produced and acted in Change in London before sailing to America with the company. His wife and two daughters accompanied him and his daughter, Doris, also played a small role in the play.

Tom sometimes worked in Ted Hopkins's Pierrot Troupe and Concert Parties and managed the Picture Palace at Gorseinon.

He recorded some of his most popular comedy songs, such as “Jealous of Her”, onto wax cylinders. This was a routine in which Tom dressed as a Welsh lady, sometimes in national costume.

Tom continued to tour with sketches and variety shows throughout the 1920s right up until his death in 1927, often with his daughter Doris in the company.



Tom Owen

Tom Owen